Only Pill They Need Is A Chill Pill

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(My store usually opens at 10 every morning, except for Sunday on which we open at 1. In order to open the store I have to be there by 12, which sometimes leads to people trying to open the door before realizing we’re closed. Today I show up early and happen to watch someone make their way to the door and try to open it, before heading back to his car. Once his car is running I get out and make my way to the door to open it, but notice the man has gotten out of the car and is following me. Not wanting him to try to follow me inside I turn and smile.)

Me: *smiling brightly* “Hi.”

Customer: “Hi, are you opening?

Me: “Not for another hour, sir.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, can I just run in and grab something real quick?”

Me: “Um… sorry, but we can’t let anyone in the store before we’re open.”

Customer: “But you’re right here! I just need some pills.”

(This is pretty common. As an ‘adult novelty’ store, we sell ‘Herbal Supplements.’)

Me: *still smiling* “Like I said, I can’t let anyone in the store, but if you come back in an hour—”

Customer: *interrupting and starting to yell* “BUT YOU’RE RIGHT F***ING HERE! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CAN’T LET ME GET MY F***ING PILLS!”

Me: *taken back by the sudden flip* “W-well, we’re not—”

Customer: *interrupting again* “LISTEN HERE, YOU LITTLE B****, JUST OPEN THE F***ING DOOR!”

(Just as the customer starts walking towards me, the cop car that tends to patrol the area since we’ve had a few break-ins in the shopping center pulls up.)

Cop: “Is there a problem here?”

Customer: *calming down just a bit* “Yeah, this person’s not letting me in her store!”

Cop: *turning to me* “Are you guys even open yet?”

Me: “No! We don’t open for another hour!”

Customer: “But you’re here, and I just want my pills!”

Me: *fed up, and more confident thanks to the cop* “Well, the credit card machine’s not booted up, I’m not logged into the system, there’s no cash in the till, and it’ll take an hour to even get ready to even take your payment!”

Customer: “But… but… UGH, FINE! But I’m calling your corporate to complain!” *storms off as the cop and I share a look*

(I later learned he did actually complain, but were met with not only laughter, but a ban from our stores for aggressive actions towards a sales rep!)

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  • David Willy

    You should have sent him to the grocery store for some spray starch.

  • Corporate sticking up for an employee? I have to call fake.

    • Lou Miller

      Maybe you missed the part where the OP tells us the business is an ‘adult novelty’ store. They don’t have to worry about this kind of customer.

      You think he’s going to complain to anyone about how the store refused to sell him his pecker pills, skin mags, and vagina scented hand lube?

      • Connie McFadden

        Upvoted for “pecker pills”. 😀

      • Mechwarrior

        There are a few adult novelty store chains that actually have really good reputations for how they take care of their employees.

        • Hahn Ackles

          Man I would hope any store in that business does. Any place that closely involved with sexuality had better take steps to make sure it is a safe and open environment. Not to mention the occasional “bad egg” customer could really be more horrid than usual in that environment…

          I’m happy to say the adult store in my town is a very safe and welcoming place.

      • I forget how easily sarcasm is lost on a forum.

        • Katrin Schirmer

          most people aren’t sarcastic when they cry fake, they actually believe it is. so yeah, sarcasm on that subject would be completely lost here.

      • And honestly, yeah. The works is full of crazy people that like to complain about all manner of things.

      • Kitty

        Vagina scented lube…? …Okay, so that exists. But… why? I admit, I generally don’t smell vaginas, but… uh, from what I know, they don’t smell like a freaking rose garden. They… frankly, kinda stink. Or have no real scent about them. Man, your post is gonna ghost around in my head when I’m trying to sleep now…

        • Siirenias

          It’s a pheromone thing. I think that’s all I’m comfortable saying in public!

  • Nevyn

    But… but… you were right there!

  • Jonathon Side

    I don’t think they sell the kind of pills he actually needs.

  • Westrim

    There are adult novelty stores with a corporate overlord?

    • IHadAMew

      It’s all retail in the end.

    • robindaybird

      There’s a few chains, believe it or not

    • Mike Agney

      There’s at least one chain called Lovers in Oregon and Washington (and apparently goes by other names in a couple other states).

      No, I haven’t been in one, but I’ve seen a couple of their locations in my neighborhood.

  • Deadpool

    You’re not a real man unless you can keep it (and her) up for 4 hours without any pills.

    • Siirenias

      It’s a good workout

  • Amber Wilkinson

    I know the store in question, and they’re really nice. I’m glad to hear that corporate has their back on things like this.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    “but were met”

    I’m pretty sure that “were” should be a “was”, eds. If you guys are going to put out another book of these stories, the time to catch these mistakes is before posting them to the world. Submitters are going to make mistakes and typos, but you guys have the power to save the day for us–and your future projects.

  • Lanthanide

    Except if the guy was going to pay by cash and didn’t want/need change, then you could have easily served him.

    Get what he wants, put the cash on the counter, put another bottle of the pills on the counter, then when the cash register is all set up, run the sale through and put the cash in the till.

    • Kitty

      Which absolutely proves that being a huge ass will get you what you want and f*** rules.

      • Lanthanide

        Which proves that some employees actually aren’t cable of simple problem solving and unnecessarily antagonise potential customers.

        Instead of saying: ” “Um… sorry, but we can’t let anyone in the store before we’re open.””

        The employee could have said:
        “Well if know exactly what you want, and it’s only a couple of items, and you can pay by cash, then I could do it just this once as a favour. Otherwise I’m sorry but you’ll have to come back”.

        • Kitty

          There are rules. They are to be followed. And these were not pills that lower blood pressure; super important allergy pills or even blood thinners to prevent blood clots. This guy was being a huge ass over something not important. As my own comment says, if it HAD been life-important pills, I might understand the necessity (though maybe you’d go look for a 24hr pharmacy or even the ER for that). These were not that.

          • Lanthanide

            No, the customer was only being a huge ass AFTER the line I quoted. It was the behaviour of the employee that escalated the situation.

        • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

          Who’s to say there are even cash drawers ready, or a manager around to count out said cash drawers? People need to get over themselves. Store openings and closings are basically set in stone. In very rare cases would you be able to go in very early or stay very late.

          • Lanthanide

            It seems you didn’t understand my comment.

            I’ll make it simple for you:
            1. Customer leaves correct money for the purchase with the staff member.
            2. Customer takes pill bottle with them.
            3. After the tills are set up, the employee rings through the sale and deposits the customer’s money into the till.

        • Illogically

          From the story: “There’s no cash in the till.” They wouldn’t have been able to make change, and most stores don’t allow customers inside when there’s no worker on the floor. The worker wouldn’t have been able to go open the safe and make a cash drawer with the customer there. The rules usually exist for a reason.

          • Siirenias

            It’s a liability and actual trespassing concern. Most shops are only open to the public for certain posted hours, and only trusted individuals are allowed in outside those hours. Employees are not representatives of the company or the property. It rarely comes up, but those rules have legal and logical backing.

          • Lanthanide

            The customer doesn’t even need to set foot into the store if they can tell the employee what they want.

          • Siirenias

            You’re making me imagine this proceeding:

            “Great, I’ll have that ready for you when we open in an hour. See you then!”

          • Lanthanide

            Please point out the bit where I said the employee would have to give the customer change, or open the safe, or that the customer would even come in to the store.

            Seems like you didn’t actually understand my comment. Try again.

          • Illogically

            Ah, I see you’ve edited your original comment to ‘…and didn’t want/need change.’

            The employee would have to go into the store, find the product, calculate the price after tax, come back out, tell the customer, get the money, and give the customer the item. All of which may make them late to be ready for actually opening the store, which could get them in trouble. If they weren’t already in trouble for making a sale without ringing it up immediately, which a lot of places won’t tolerate. It sounds like OP’s bosses are reasonable people, but they might draw the line at that.

          • Lanthanide

            No, I didn’t edit the original comment, you just didn’t read it properly.

            The customer probably already knows how much it costs.

            The story says the person has already arrived early, so your “make them late” line is unlikely in this case. Again, if the customer only wants one or two items, then this isn’t an unreasonable action to take.

        • Vulpis

          Which proves you’ve obviously never worked retail. Or food service. Or any other job selling product to customers for that matter.

          • Lanthanide

            Or, actually, I HAVE worked in retail, and rather than customers yelling at me, I used my head, solved the problem, and everyone was happy.

          • Order 66

            No, you clearly have not. Giving in to the demands of customers with an entitlement mentality only makes things worse. People can be fired for selling items to a customer outside of business hours, and I know people to whom that very thing has happened. Let a customer in the store outside of business hours, same thing. If you had ever actually worked retail or fast food you’d know that. And at least one story on this website is about you, isn’t it?

          • Lanthanide

            Well, actually, I have, and I’ve had this exact situation, and dealt with it this exact way, and everyone was happy, and no one got in trouble.

            I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve by asserting I haven’t worked in retail, when you have no idea who I am or my life.

            Again, no where did I suggest the customer should be let into the store, that’s your own mis-reading of what I wrote.

          • Cally

            Once more with feeling, you are the reason customers demand the sun, moon and stars and woe betide the poor worker who has to follow company policy.

            It’s beyond messed up how ridiculous you are and how you can’t see this is just the tip of the iceberg.

          • Lanthanide

            Actually customers demand things based on their understanding of the business.

            It is quite clear that this customer thought the only reason he wasn’t allowed into the store was because there was ‘no staff member in it’, when actually there were more reasons than that, such as the till not having money in it and the computer systems not being ready for use.

            Someone working around these obstacles in place, and telling the customer “The computer systems aren’t up yet, so I’ll have to get your items for you now and you’ll have to pay by cash and I can’t give you any change” is actually *educating* the customer about how stores operate, while also making a sale and satisfying the customer’s want. That person is now unlikely in the future to blindly assume that the only reason they can’t go into a store before it’s open is because no-one is on the shop floor.

          • Cally

            My gods, I’m not going to read your self-entitled scree, it’s just more “blah blah, wargarble I’m right blah, experience that is bollox, blah blah, extraneous and moronic details blah.”

            Please to be blowing out of any orifice you wish. Upon your own person.

          • Lanthanide

            But you are going to take the time to reply? Weird. You seem overly personally invested in what is simply an internet discussion.

          • Order 66

            OK, at this point you are deliberately refusing to understand the issue. If the policy says you cannot sell merchandise outside of store hours, then you cannot sell merchandise outside of store hours. Rules like that are in place for a reason. The jibberish that you keep spouting to justify why you believe the employee in this story should have moved heaven and earth to accommodate you (and I can’t be the only person here who thinks it probably was you) is not going to change that. Go step on a Lego.

          • Lanthanide

            I’m not “refusing to understand” anything. I understand you perfectly. I’m simply rejecting your assertions. You seem to believe your experience of retail business is universal – well guess what, it ain’t.

            “why you believe the employee in this story should have moved heaven and earth to accommodate you”

            Firstly, it’s not “moving heaven and earth” to simply use your brain to solve a simple problem, although clearly too much for the employee in this case.

            Secondly, you’re again making this weird assertion that I am somehow the badly behaved customer in this story. Plain weird. Maybe you should actually stick to the issues at hand, because you’re only discrediting your own argument with that sort of crap.

          • Order 66

            Seriously, is there some part of not allowed to make a sale outside of business hours you just don’t comprehend? If it’s a corporate retail job, that is a policy that is absolutely inviolable. The higher ups don’t care what the situation is, that is one of their rules that an employee simply CAN NOT even bend without repercussions. Get. That. Through. Your. Head. And maybe you aren’t the customer in this story. However, I guarantee, based on everything else you’ve said, that you are exactly the kind of customer that retail employees loathe and despise. You probably pull crap like this everywhere you shop, and are blissfully ignorant as to why the employees don’t like you.
            You were told to go step on a Lego. That means you’re done, so go away.

            I now have to go to my retail job, and deal with mental midgets like yourself. We’re done here.

          • Lanthanide

            Firstly, how are the “higher ups” going to know? The transaction will occur at 1pm or after.

            Secondly, you’re completely wrong. Since I have worked in retail for 4 1/2 years, including as a supervisor, I know how to treat employees and what it is like to work in retail. It is very clear that the rude customer in this case has never worked in retail – that’s why he’s clueless and so rude. With my experience in retail, I also know when I come across a retail drone who doesn’t know how to think for themselves to solve problems they’re confronted with and who give poor customer service as a result.

            Also, since you’re not a moderator of this site, you don’t get to tell people when “they’re done”. If you don’t want to reply to my arguments, then you’re free to stop.

          • Order 66

            If you speak the truth, then you just got lucky that you weren’t punished. And your smug attitude still makes me think that you’re the bad customer in some of these stories.

          • MouseyBrown

            I’m definitely getting that vibe, too.

            Any bets on whether or not they’ve got an I-Want-To-Speak-To-Your-Manager haircut?

          • Lanthanide

            It’s not a “smug attitude”.

            It’s pointing out that although the customer had acted extremely poorly in this case, it was escalated by the employee. I’ve also pointed out that a lot of people have mis-read my comment and replied, objecting to things I never said.

            You know, employees aren’t angels and perfect and never make mistakes. There’s a whole sister site dedicated to poor workers.

        • Gnoman

          That would result in termination, and likely criminal charges. You. Can. Not. Do. That.

          • Lanthanide

            Termination for selling a customer a product?

          • Gnoman

            In any retail organization, not immediately documenting a sale and securing the money -which is usually impossible to do when the store is not open- is grounds for immediate termination. This is because this is the absolute best way to steal from the company, because the merchandise is no longer being properly tracked through the computer system.

            If OP had done as you suggest, the company has no way of knowing that the customer didn’t buy a dozen of the product (it is very easy to rearrange shelves so this would not show up) and pocketed most of the cash. Thus, any employee who did such a thing would be fired on the spot.

          • Lanthanide

            Depends if the owners are reasonable and want to serve their customers, and trust their staff, or if they have stupid rules that ultimately hurt themselves. We’re obviously talking about a small store here with 1 employee to open the store up – that’s a very different situation to a Walmart or other chain store, where I wouldn’t suggest what I’ve suggested.

            “If OP had done as you suggest, the company has no way of knowing that the customer didn’t buy a dozen of the product (it is very easy to rearrange shelves so this would not show up)”

            If the company has “no way of knowing”, then how would they ever find out? Obviously the store would have a “way of knowing” eventually, eg stocktake. So your comment doesn’t make sense on the face of it.

            Also, there’s no need for a customer to be invovled in the sort of crime you’re suggesting – a staff member could simply arrive at the store 1 hour before opening, take products off the shelf and put them in their car, then sell them online through ebay or other methods later.

            Obviously any staff member who is able to arrive early (with the keys) and open the store by themselves, is trusted by the management enough to have that responsibility, and that such employee wouldn’t be trying to rip them off. So firing a trusted employee “on the spot” for solving the immediate problem at hand and making a sale, is rather unlikely.

          • Cally

            Yes, it happens, it’s outside the insurance parameters for a start.

          • Lanthanide

            Er, stores sign up to insurance that strictly proscribe when they can and can’t open?

            Having worked in retail, I understand there’s insurance requirements around having cash in tills and opening the safe, but once again, I’m not suggesting either of those things. Nor am I suggesting the customer be let into the store.

          • Cally

            Shops proscribe to insurance for their WORKERS when they aren’t signed in to work with the public. This is just such a situation.

            Sorry (not really), I’m not going to use smaller words because I can’t bend that low. Also; not reading the rest of your wobbling on, it’s not worth it because you repeat yourself just to see your words on the screen.

          • Order 66

            Very likely. The OP said something about corporate. If corporate says you can’t sell merchandise outside of business hours, then you CAN NOT sell merchandise outside of business hours. Doing so absolutely violates policy. Corporate will find a way to say that the employee is stealing. It may not be right, but that’s the way it is. Your inability to understand leads me to believe that either A) You have not worked for corporate retail, only a Mom and Pop Shop; or B) You are the customer in this story.

        • MouseyBrown

          I’m not sure about the specifics of the area, but some places also have laws on the books regarding what products can be sold and what stores can be open during what hours–especially on Sundays.

          • Lanthanide

            The sale would be registered at or after 1 pm.

          • Gnoman

            Regardless of when the sale was registered, the sale happened at the time it happened. Trying to use such a dodge for a time-restricted product results in businesses being shut down.

          • Lanthanide

            It’s unlikely adult stores would have time-restricted products, at least differentiating between 1pm and 10am on a Sunday. And again, if the store did sell a particular item like that such as alcohol, then if that’s what the customer wanted, too bad – but there’d be no legal problem with selling other items.

            If all stores in the area didn’t open till 1pm, then it is reasonable to assume the customer would already know that, and wouldn’t have even been there before any of the shops opened, and similarly the employee would have said something like “in this area, no stores can open before 1pm” – but from their own words, its clear that it is only their store that doesn’t open till 1pm.

        • Ilya

          You DO NOT give into entitled customers. EVER. You do it once and they think they can pull it off again.

          • Lanthanide

            Yip, this person is going to come back every Sunday at 12pm and buy another bottle of pills. Every. Single. Week.

            Yeah right.

            That’s also why I put in the bit “I could do it just this once as a favour” – to make it clear to them that the store doesn’t open at that time on a Sunday, so in the future they won’t come back at that time. And if they do and you recognise them, you can say “I’m really sorry, but I only did that for you as a favour that one time. I really can’t make a habit of it, I hope you understand”.

          • Cally

            I have to say, you sound like a manager, one of those that went straight into the job with no CSA experience so all you know is about pleasing head office and the customer. The poor middle man who takes the brunt, the CSA, gets to deal with your fall out because you’ve set the bar for the customer to get away with everything.

          • Lanthanide

            Heh, no, I worked in retail during high school and university, where I spent 2 1/2 years on the floor and checkouts before being promoted to supervisor.

            I’ve long-since graduated and am now working in my real industry.

            But really, my personal work history is not relevant to this conversation. It’s notable that you keep trying to attack me as a person, though, instead of using logical rebuttals against my argument.

          • Cally


          • Lanthanide


          • Ilya

            No, they’ll just get it in their head that every shop/venue should open early just for them, not necessarily just that store. When you give into an entitled customer just to get rid of them, you’re making that customer everyone else’s problem as well.

            (Assuming OP had given into the customer)

            (Next day) Customer: Oh man, my favorite coffee shop doesn’t open for another hour and I really want a latte before I go to work. I know! I see someone in there. I’ll just demand that they open for me early like that employee at the adult shop did yesterday!

          • Lanthanide

            No, this is a teachable moment for the customer. It is quite clear that the only reason they thought they couldn’t go into the store is because there was no staff member on the floor, and didn’t realise that the computer systems aren’t ready and the tills aren’t set up etc. Evidently this customer has never worked in retail before.

            It’s also quite clear that after the employee explained this to them, they still went and complained to corporate anyway – so they didn’t actually learn anything from the employee because they were so angry (and probably embarrassed in front of the cop).

            Instead, if the employee had done what I’d suggested, and emphasised that it was a favour “just this once”, and explained about why she could only do a cash transaction etc, then he would have learned something that day, while being happy that he was served. And in future he would have been more understanding for other stores that he wanted to go into but that weren’t open yet even though staff were present.

            But what happened here is that the employee escalated the situation and made everyone’s day worse, and the store lost out on a sale.

        • Cally

          You are a moron.

          • Lanthanide

            No, you are!

            I see your level of debate is that of a 12 year old child.

          • Cally

            I see your level of debate is mass.

            I was merely stating the obvious, it’s ok to admit it, it’s the first step to being a human. Well, for you it’s a baby step but sure, make it, you’ll feel better.

          • Lanthanide

            Again playing the person and not the ball. C’est la vie.

    • Siirenias

      I bet this guy wanted to pay with a hundred and didn’t want any small bills in change.

      • Matty

        I think the small bill is in his pants.

    • Ilya

      No, I’m not going to open early for an entitled customer. When I open at my job, I open at the time I’m supposed to open and not even one minute before. Let the customers complain!

    • Cally

      YOU are the reason there are so many self-centred customers. You bend over backwards and let them get away with rubbish like that and they think they can do it in every, single shop.

  • Kitty

    Unless those pills are the kind that keep you alive, you can wait.

  • Cynthia Dalrymple

    “Look mother f****er, it’s too bad that your dick doesn’t work, but THAT’S NOT MY PROBLEM. GTFO.”

  • Matty

    In this case, if you want your dick to work, don’t be a dick to the clerk.

    • Novelista

      I wish I could like that more than once.

  • Ilya

    It’s irritating when they do this. How can they not realize that someone has to get everything set up?

  • Dustin Seth Kadath

    I’m pretty sure this is the chain I used to work for, and I had almost this exact encounter on a regular basis. Sundays mean hoping you can get the door locked before someone follows you in.

    • Lanthanide

      Sounds like this store should just open up earlier on a Sunday then. Sounds like they’re missing out on money, and pissing off their potential customers for no reason.

      • Banjooie Banjo

        Not really. It turns out that for the most part, cutting hours generally just gets customers to come back when you’re open. A /tiny/ few complain, but they still show up at the right time eventually.

        • Lanthanide

          ” but they still show up at the right time eventually.”

          Or, they just go elsewhere. Or, increasingly, just shop online because the local store is too inconvenient because they don’t open at the same time each day.

          • Siirenias

            I am of the opinion that the ones who just go online are not the ones that complain.

          • Lanthanide

            I’m not talking about the ones that complain. I’m saying that the store is likely losing business by not being open at 10am on Sunday. End of statement.

            Banjooie claims that many customers will come back later. My response is that 1. he can’t know that, and 2. many of those customers will actually go elsewhere.

          • Siirenias

            I have met many people who migrated to online shopping. Hours of operation didn’t have anything to do with it.

          • Lanthanide

            Wow, that’s a blatant logical fallacy.

          • Siirenias

            It’s an observation. I specifically asked them, because I’m curious about the motivations behind online shopping vrs. brick and mortar. I’m not sure where the fallacy is?

          • Siirenias

            Oh wait, maybe hasty generalization? I suppose. Although, with us both making large assumptions, I do see some irony in pointing out a logical fallacy.

          • Lanthanide

            I’m not making an assumption.

            I’m saying people can just go elsewhere, including online.

          • Siirenias

            Now you are, and you’re right.

  • WonderRabbit

    This story is false.
    Corporate cannot, and will not, ban a customer over the phone. If you don’t even know what they look like you cannot ban someone.

    • Banjooie Banjo

      He may not have called corporate. He may have come in to complain. He said he’d call, but…customers.

    • Not true. My step mom works with a pretty well known cosmetics company and they ban people all the time through the mail. You have to give certain information when you do a return and the customers who frequently return are then sent a letter politely stating that the store obviously doesn’t meet their needs and they are welcome to shop elsewhere.
      It’s not an outright ban but they’re not welcome to return anymore, at least not under the same name/phone number.

    • Ophelia

      Also, if you behave obnoxiously enough to corporate, they can still ban you. This man sounded like he had some anger management problems, and I would bet he was just as foul-mouthed and verbally abusive to corporate as he was to OP.

  • Denton Young

    It can’t be THAT difficult to look up the opening hours… and make sure you arrive at 1:00…

  • *GASP* But doesn’t corporate know that without that customer’s business, they’ll go out of business?!

    But seriously, that customer is the real pill here.

  • Carl Collier

    If that guy took those supplements he’d get taller…

    Also that guy must REALLY needed those within the hour, his soccer-mom of a wife musta already dropped the kids off at school and she was feeling exceptionally frisky because she doesn’t want Missionary.

  • Kathy Plester

    A friend of mine used to work in a pharmacy and told me this hilarious story. One Sunday, a guy came banging on the door at 9am (they opened at 10:30). The opening hours we’re posted in several place, in both normal and large print and in Braille, plus they have a big sign on the door that is flipped around to say closed. The staff ignored him until he literally started trying to kick the door down so the manager opened the door, pointed to the big closed sign and says ‘We’re closed. We open at 10:30.’ Guy just starts demanding to be let in because he ‘needs his medication desperately’. The manager explains she cannot get him his medicine, she explains Sunday trading laws, all also that the registers are locked out until 10:30 anyway. Guy just gets more and more aggressive and tries to push past the manager who promptly pushes back and says if he carries on, she will call the police. This seems to make him back off but he is still shouting at her. He eventually backs down when he realises the manager is unimpressed and not intimidated at all but not before shouting ‘Fine I needed condoms. If my girlfriend gets pregnant because you wouldn’t sell me them, it’ll be YOUR FAULT! I’ll SUE!’ to which the manager calmly replied ‘Your face is protection enough.’

    • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

      OUCH! And that manager is AWESOME.

      • Kathy Plester

        I have met this manager a few times and even though this is told to me by a friend (so I didn’t experience it first hand), I do not doubt she would say or do this. She is blunt and to the point and not afraid to stand up to aggressive or just plain stupid customers. I’ve seen her tell off a fair few customers when I waited for my friend to finish work. Once, a customer starting shouting the whole ‘the customer is always right’ schtick and she just smiled, and said:

        ‘Oh really you’ve trained as a pharmacist and have experience in the field? No …? Well then, sir/madam, you clearly aren’t right.’

        Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of working for her.

  • Tiana

    Kind of sad in a way that Corporate at an Adult store treated their employee better than the average retail management/corporate.