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Pikmin Or Pick Your Wife

| Romantic | September 10, 2013

(I have recently introduced my husband to the game ‘Pikmin,’ and he’s become pretty addicted to it. I’m upstairs in the bath, and he’s in the living room playing. All I can hear are the sounds of the whistle used in the game to call your Pikmin.)

Me: *shouting* “Honey?”

(My husband does not respond.)

Me: *shouting louder* “Baby?!”

Husband: “Just a sec!”

(There is a pause, and then I hear him come to the bottom of the stairs.)

Husband: “Yes my love?”

Me: “Peep peep!” *I start whistling, like the whistle in the game*

Husband: “I’m not a Pikmin!”

Me: “Can you come up?”

(He comes upstairs, where I coerce him into a back scrub. We chat a bit, and he goes back down stairs. I wait until I hear him get to the bottom of the stairs.)

Me: “Peep peep!”

Husband: *running back* “Yes my love?!”

Me: “Nothing, I just wanted to see if that would work!”

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