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Pikachu-se Your Battles

| Learning | September 4, 2014

(My university’s wind ensemble is on an overnight recruitment tour. Pokémon X and Y was released recently; nearly everyone on the bus, including our director, who is sitting across the row from me, is playing the game at this point.)

Director: “Hey, do you recognize this name?” *shows his Nintendo 3DS’s screen*

Me: “Yeah, that’s [Classmate]. Going to battle him?”

Director: “I haven’t turned a challenge down yet today. I like to think it gives y’all a chance to get the best of me every now and again, so I don’t mind all the requests.”

(I nod and resume my own game. About five minutes later I hear the director complaining.)

Director: “Not fair, [Classmate]!” *looks in my direction with an extremely sad face* “He named his Snorlax after me!”

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