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Pies Usually Go Down The Pie Hole

, , , , , | Right | August 1, 2018

I work on a deli bar for a high-end retailer in the UK. We stock a variety of top-end products that you wouldn’t normally see at the more cost-competitive franchises.

It’s our company policy to offer tasters and samples, but not to have them signposted, so that potential customers will question what the product is, giving us the opportunity to create a sale. In theory, this works, but 90 percent of the time people will just take the food without batting an eyelid as to what it is.

I’m serving a lady a salad, at the farthest point away from where I have put up haggis pies on tasting. Then, whilst I’m weighing up her product to give back to her, a woman approaches me and asks me to “pop this” in the bin. Due to how normally she asks, I don’t even think as to what it could be; I assume it is an empty pot — they often fall over the counter. Boy, was I wrong. She’d chewed the pie up, realised she didn’t like it, spat it out, then handed it to me as if that was a perfectly normal thing to do.

So, I’m stood there in shock, and I say, “Are you for real?!” to which she replies, “Sorry, I didn’t like it,” and wanders off.

I wash my hands for what feels like hours, but I still feel dirty now even typing this. What really gets me was that she acted as if this was normal.

For the record, right next to the tasting area there is a designated pot for waste like cocktail sticks, etc. She could have easily placed it in there.

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