Piercing Observation, Part 4

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(I am a 20-year-old female with facial piercings. I am fortunate enough to find a job as an office assistant for a realty company. One day, two men come in to pay rent, ask questions, etc. My back is turned to them as I am filing some paperwork. My boss has come up front to answer their questions. Mind you, she is a small female, and both of these men are large, tatted, and bearded. I finish filing while they are still there, and I turn around. The younger of the two looks genuinely surprised at my appearance and looks at my boss.)

Man #1: “Hey, do you guys have complaint or commendation papers?”

Boss: “Not here, but we do on our website. Is there something wrong that I can help you with?”

Man #1: “No, I just think it’s freaking awesome that you guys hired someone with alternative style!”

(My boss looks very confused. [Man #2] is now laughing.)

Man #1: *points at me* “Her piercings! I think it’s cool that you hired someone with them; most people don’t!”

Boss: *chuckles* “Who am I to tell her what the f*** to wear and how to dress? She’s fine the way she is!”

(I love my boss.)

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