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Pieces Of Eight(y Bucks)

| Working | January 8, 2014

(I stop by the ATM to pull out $50, but I slip and hit $80 instead. I figure since I have pulled out the extra money, I would have some fun with it. I walk into the bank to get it broken into gold dollar coins.)

Bank Manger: “Hello. How can I help you today?”

Me: “I took out too much money by mistake, so I figured I’d just come in and get it changed into something else.”

Bank Manager: “Okay.” *points to teller* “She can help you.”

Teller: “What kind of change would you like?”

Me: “I would like $20 in gold coins please.”

Teller: “All gold coins?”

Me: “Well, no. I guess some silver coins will be just fine. Thank you.”

Teller: “Okay…”

Bank Manager: “Why do you need all gold coins, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Me: “I like to feel like a pirate sometimes.”

(The teller and bank manger begin laughing.)

Teller: *handing me coins* “Would you like an envelope?”

Bank Manager: “Do we have a small chest instead?”

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