Picture-Perfect Example Of Not Listening

, , , | Right | August 22, 2018

(At my store, we have a digital-prints-only photo center. Customers can download an app for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones to be able to print pictures from their phones. This happens every single time someone new is using the app.)

Me: *while the app is downloading* “Do you have all the pictures you’re looking for saved on the phone or SD card?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(Once the app is downloaded, we connected it to the kiosk, which is a very quick process but generally frustrates the general public.)

Me: “So, what you’re going to do is go to choose photos here, and your photos will come up, or you can hit ‘send all.’ You’re going to select all the photos that you might want, because once you send them, you have to go through that whole connecting process again if you want to send more. It’s much easier to select them all now.”

Customer: “Okay” *selects pictures, as most people prefer this to sharing all their pictures*

Me: “Okay, before we send them, did you get all the pictures you might want, even if you’re not sure? You’re not obligated to print them if you’ve selected them, and we have to go through the whole connection process again if you want more.”

Customer: “Yeah, I selected everything I wanted.”

Me: “Okay, hit ‘send.’”

Customer: *hits “send,” and all the selected pictures go to the kiosk* “Oh, I had pictures I wanted that are in my emails and texts. How do I access those now?”

Me: “You have to finish with these photos, and then I’ll show you how to reconnect.”


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