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Picky Is As Picky Dads

, , , , | Related | September 8, 2020

My dad has a major weakness for ice cream. One of his favorite kinds to buy is a certain brand’s banana sundae: it’s Neapolitan with chopped walnuts in the chocolate stripe, banana syrup in the vanilla stripe, and pineapple bits in the strawberry stripe. However, for some reason, he’ll eat everything BUT the strawberry. Most of the time, I’ll finish the strawberry myself even if his habit annoys me a bit, but if he’s bought multiple cartons, I’ll occasionally open a fresh one to get a shot at all three flavors.

One day, he walks in while I am doing this.

Dad: “Isn’t there already an open one in there?”

Me: “That one only has strawberry in it. I wanted to have some chocolate and vanilla, too.”

Dad: “You should finish one before opening another, though. Don’t be picky.”

Me: *Thinking to myself* “I’m not the one leaving the strawberry uneaten in the first place!”

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