Picky Customers

, , | Right | March 27, 2019

(We had a system glitch overnight that meant that we took payments, but no orders were created, so we have to contact our customers to tell them and ask what they ordered, and manually create the orders for them. Most of them are very easy to sort, except for one. This customer has paid £201.)

Me: “So, if you could just tell us what you ordered, I will get your order on the system and we will get that sent out.”

Customer: “I have no idea what I ordered. Can you just pick some items for me and send those?”

(We carry over 5000 items; I really need some guidance on this.)

Me: “I can try. Could you tell me roughly what sort of thing you got?”

Customer: “I really don’t remember, sorry. Please just pick some things. I trust you.”

(I ran the customer through our basic categories and options. She eventually picked a category and item type. That narrowed down the selection to about 700 items, and again she told me to just pick some stuff for her. I told her I would make an order, email it to her, and wait for her to approve it before we put the item through. I ended up spending about forty minutes creating the order from our most popular items, as we had to make the order amount match as closely as possible to what was paid. She then eventually got back to us and told us that everything was wrong and that she wouldn’t have picked anything I have added, and she demanded a refund for wasting her time.)she

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