Pi Day Roundup

| Right | March 14, 2020

Happy 𝚷 (Pi) Day! Or some prefer 🥧 (Pie) Day! Either way, on March 14, we celebrate Pi by eating pie.  There was some calculating to gather these tasty stores.  We hope you’ll enjoy them!


A Misunderstanding Of Pi — Math is hard. Let’s go slicing!

You’ll Never Hear The End Of It — Who else wants an invitation to dinner?

The Custom-fur Is Always Right — It’s difficult to argue with this. Really difficult.

This Is A Bad Sine — Inside one in every 3.14 onions is an opinion.

Not As Sweet As Pie — Lack of planning on your part means you go pieless.

Need A Pi In The Face — That teacher is 288.  Two gross.

This Lime Cannot Go Unpunished — When citrus attacks… it’s Pie Time!

Friends For Life Of Pi — Math will bring us together.

These Are Some Pie In The Sky Questions — Next question: What color is the sky on these people’s planet?

And A Bottle Of Pun… —  Bob the Tomato would approve.

The Absence Of The Lambs — This story gives me a baaaad feeling.


How will you be celebrating Pi Day?  Do you have any fun tales of Pi or Pie to share?  Leave us a comment below or submit the story here and maybe you’ll get your own slice of fame!