Physics Just Got More Painful

| USA | Learning | September 21, 2015

(In my Physics Survey class, we are doing some skill check word problems, and my teacher is writing one on the board.)

Teacher: *thinking aloud* “Okay, so if a 23 Newton force acts on a, uh… crate of bananas, and pushes it 52 meters, what is the work?”

Me: “You’ve been defaulting to bananas lately. How about we do something different for the next problem, like, say, a crate of porcupines?”

Teacher: “Right, we’ll do porcupines then. If a 250 watt engine acts on a 45 kilogram box, and pushes it 12 meters… No, wait, that’s too complicated. We’ll do something else. Screw the porcu—” *gasps and covers her mouth*

(The class starts to laugh.)

Me: “I think that would be rather painful, actually.”

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