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Photoshop Will Solve Everything

, , , | Right | August 17, 2008

(As a graphic designer with a background in photography, I coordinate the shoots for cover homes.)

Me: “Just send me the address of the home and I will look it up and work with the photographer on the shoot.”

Salesperson: “It’s a million-dollar home. Very, very nice. The listing agent wants to be there; he wants a nice sunny shot. It’s a million-dollar home and I really want to make him happy.”

Me: “That’s great… just send me the address.”

(I find that the house faces north-northeast, which means the sun will never hit the front of the house directly.)

Me: “Okay, we’ve got a problem. I know the listing agent wants to be at the shoot and he wants a sunny shot, but we can’t do that because it faces north. We’re going to have to have to do a night shot or an early shot and hope the dawn light hits it.”

Salesperson: “But it’s a million-dollar home.”

Me: “I know, it’s a really nice home. It’s vacant, so we can’t do an interior. I’ll talk to the photographer, but I’m sure he’ll agree that a night shot will be our best bet or the home will be backlit and not look good at all.”

Salesperson: “This is a million-dollar mansion!”

Me: “I know. But unless you or the listing agent can move the sun, it will be at night or just after sunrise. I’m sure he wants the mansion to look good.”

(The salesperson calls my boss to undoubtedly tell her I am being impossible, and I shouldn’t dictate to our customers. Sadly, my boss couldn’t move the sun either, and a very lovely night shot ran on the cover.)

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