Phoning In The Workplace Humor

, , , , , | Working | January 29, 2018

(Our store is having a big sale. The lines for the register are quite long, and the telephone keeps ringing, which takes one of the cashiers away from serving. Understandably, the customers are getting a little frustrated, but on the most part they have been patient. They keep complaining about the phone ringing. The phone rings yet again and there’s a collective groan from staff and customers.)

Coworker: “Will it ever stop?”

Me: *before I pick up the phone, I turn to the customers and raise my voice a little* “COULD I ASK SOMEONE TO DO US A FAVOUR?” *I see customers’ reactions, some tense up* “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE CUT THE PHONE LINES ON THEIR WAY OUT?”

(The customers in line all immediately relaxed and started laughing. They also stopped complaining about the phone ringing, as they knew we had no power to stop it.)

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