Phone Trying To Phone Home

| Friendly | February 8, 2015

(It’s around mid-January. I’m walking to class when I see something odd in the snow. I go to pick it up, only to find it’s an iPhone in a protective case! I try to unlock the phone to search for an ICE number or contact information to return it, but the owner put a password on it. Just after my class ends, the phone rings and I answer it.)

Me: “Hello, is this–”

Woman: “Hello, [Name]?”

Me: “No, sorry. I’m [My Name]. I’m a student at [School] and I found this phone on my way to class. Are you the owner of this phone?”

Woman: “Oh, my goodness! Yes, it’s my husband’s.”

Me: “Oh, awesome! I was on my way to campus security, but if your husband is still on campus I can meet him somewhere and give it to him.”

Woman: “I’m not sure if he is, and I’d say I’d call him but…”

Me: *chuckles* “Yeah, hard to reach him right now. Well, here, how about I write your address down and I’ll mail the phone to you? Would that work?”

Woman: “Yes, of course! Thank you so much!”

(She gave me her address and I headed straight to the campus mailing center to ship the phone out. About a week later, I was checking my mail and I saw an envelope from the address the woman gave me. Inside, there was a letter from the couple thanking me for returning the phone and two $50 gift-cards! I still have the letter!)


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