Phone Calls For Lunch!

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(I’m a draftsman at our engineering office that also does secretary work, as the company is very small with less than five employees in the office. Due to this, we do many different other jobs. I am on lunch break. We all get an hour, but I typically only take a half-hour lunch break so I can leave early. This has been agreed upon by the company’s former president, the current president, and vice president. I typically eat lunch at my desk since I can browse the Internet during lunch. If the phone rings or a client walks into the office, the Vice President — who also does secretary work — will be the first to help them. However, today is a bit different. I sit down at my desk and start to eat my lunch. As I do, the phone rings. I look over to the Vice President and she is on the phone. So, I put down my lunch and answer the phone. I am on the phone for roughly twenty minutes. During this time, the Vice President goes downstairs. After that phone call, two more clients walk into the office. So, at this point, I’ve only taken three bites of my lunch. I talk to our new clients for about ten minutes before I bring out the President to talk with them, as they are his clients. I am finally able to eat lunch. The clients leave and the President walks back to his room. About five minutes after the clients leave, the Vice President comes back upstairs and sees me finishing up my lunch.)

Vice President: “You took an hour lunch today.”

(I think she is joking, but this time she is serious.)

Me: “I was talking to some clients on the phone, and then some of [President]’s clients walked in while you were on the phone and downstairs. I only had five minutes of my lunch break in a half-hour window as I had to help you answer the phone and the clients in the office.”

Vice President: “Well, when you open your lunch up, it starts your timer.”

(This is very unfair, as she has done the same thing and everyone else does the same thing. During this discussion, the President walks out for unrelated business and overhears.)

President: “[Vice President], just give him his half-hour lunch and be done with it.”

(I have started eating out of the office after this. If I eat in the office, I take my laptop to another room with no phone.)

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