They Pho-got To Mention

, , , | Working | March 7, 2018

(It’s my daughter’s birthday, and a brand-new pizza restaurant has just opened up down the road from my house. We are very excited to try it out, because most of the places around us are chain pizza places. We call ahead and make a reservation for ten people on a Wednesday night, and we ask the lady on the phone about what pizza toppings they have, etc. When we arrive at the restaurant Wednesday, we are seated right away, and everything seems okay.)

Waiter: “Welcome to [Pizza Place]. Can I start you off with drinks?”

Me: “We will have a pitcher of ginger ale, [soda], and water, please, and we already know what type of pizzas we would like to order.”

Waiter: “Oh, we don’t have pizza tonight. We only serve pizza a couple nights a week.”

(My family and I laugh a bit but notice the waiter is not laughing with us.)

Me: “Wait. Are you serious?

Waiter: “Yeah… No pizza tonight.”

Me: “But the business has ‘pizza’ in the name! I talked with the lady on the phone about pizza! She never once said there would be no pizza on the night of our reservation!”

Waiter: “We serve pho the rest of the week. Would you like pho?”

Me: “No!”

(We walked out and ended up ordering from a chain pizza place.)

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