Phishing For Answers

| | Right | October 19, 2009

Me: “This is [company name].”

Customer: “Hi, who’s this?”

Me: “Are you calling for tech support?”

Customer: “Oh, I guess it’s the wrong number. Well, what do you guys do?”

Me: “We’re an online virtual conferencing company. We allow you to host meetings online with webcams and slideshows.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s cool, anything else you do, other features?”

Me: “We also have a feature that lets you remotely take control of another person’s computer, or show them your own.”

Customer: “Oh really? That’s pretty awesome. So can you take control of anybody’s computer?”

Me: “Yeah, as long as their system supports the software.”

Customer: “So, can you do it without their permission…like, can you use it to hack into somebody’s computer with it?”

Me: “No, guests must be attending the conference and give permission for this.”

Customer: “Oh, I’m not interested then.” *click*

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