Phasing Phrasing

| Working | May 10, 2014

(It’s the last hour in my shift, and a customer comes into my lane.)

Me: “Hi there! Have a good day!”

(There’s a short pause as we realize what I said.)

Me: “I’m so sorry! I meant to say: ‘Hello. Find everything you needed?'”

Customer: *smiling* “Yes, miss. Thank you.”

(The transaction goes by without a hitch as we engage in small talk, until I finish ringing them up and they pay.)

Me: “All right, did you find everything you— I mean, hello— I mean, no, GOODBYE. HAVE A NICE DAY! I’m so sorry, sir, it’s been a long day and when you say the same phrases over and over…”

Customer: *laughs* “Don’t worry, honey. I’ve worked retail. The phrases can sometimes get mixed up. I know how it is!”

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