Phantom Names Live Up To Their Title

| Related | April 8, 2012

(I’m talking to my mom about the book ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, which I have just read. My mom has seen the musical and watched the movie.)

Me: “…and then after that, Erik went and—”

Mom: “Who’s Erik?”

Me: “—then he… wait, what?”

Mom: “Who’s Erik?”

Me: “The Phantom.”

Mom: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yeah, you didn’t know?”

Mom: “Well, it doesn’t sound like a very Phantom-like name.”

Me: “I…uh…okay?”

Mom: “Anyways, what were you saying?”

Me: “Well, then he heard a noise coming from the torture chamber, but Christine kept saying that there is no one there, so Erik—”

Mom: *completely serious* “Who’s Erik?”

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