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(It’s around opening time and I am working as a cashier. I am doing my opening duties and then the phone rings.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Restaurant] in [City]. My name is [My Name]. Could I start you off with a [Soda] product on limited time offer today?”

Customer: “No, sir, not today. Do you know what the name of the store is next to you? I think it’s called PetSmart or something like that.”

(In my mind I’m thinking, ‘What the f***, guy. Really?’)

Me: “I believe that’s what it’s called.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Standby, sir.”

(At this moment I put him on hold, walk outside, look at the sign, and walk back inside.)

Me: “Well, sir, I walked outside to double check and yes, that’s what the store is called.”

Customer: “Okay, cool! Do you know what time they’re open?”

(I’m typically very patient with my customers, but at this point, I was getting rather annoyed.)

Me: “No, sir, I do not know what time they’re open.”

Customer: “But you just walked outside and looked at the sign. I mean you should know that considering your stores are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER… Actually, never mind. I’m going to use Google.”

(He hangs up the phone.)

Me: *sighs*

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