Pet Me, You Will, Or Items, Break Will I  

, , , , , | Working | September 6, 2019

(I am trying to get access to an account I forgot the password for. I am on the phone with a very strange but very nice man.)

Employee: “Do you know the name of your first pet?”

Me: *tries several answers but none work*

Employee: “If I have your zip code, I can send you the answer.”

Me: *tries three zip codes until I finally get it*

Employee: “Okay, the answer should be sent in a text.”

Text Message: “Security answer is ‘yoda.’” *one of my guesses but he capitalized the Y*

Employee: “I’m just going to change it to a capital Y. The master’s name should be capitalized.”

(My parents named the cat Yoda before I was born. I never got into Star Wars but appreciated it anyway. Gave him a ten on his survey.)

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