Persuading A Child Is Easier Slayed Than Done

| Friendly | April 29, 2014

(I am visiting friends who have a five-year old daughter. Our conversation touches on the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has just been cast as Smaug in ‘The Hobbit’, and has moved on to dragons in general.)

Girl: “Dragons are purple and green! Like Barney!”

Me: “Barney is a dinosaur, [Girl], not a dragon.”

Girl: “Purple and green!”

Me: “Barney’s a dinosaur, [Girl].”

Girl: “Purple! And! Green!”

Me: “Can Barney fly?”

Girl: “…”

Me: “Can Barney fly, [Girl]?”

Girl: “No…”

Me: “Can Barney breathe fire?”

Girl: “No…”

Me: “Does Barney sleep on a big pile of gold and jewelry and money?”

Girl: “Yes!”

Me: “… Okay, point.”

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