Persistent ID-10-T Error

| Right | September 9, 2011

(I work warranty at a well known cellular phone company. A customer arrives and complains that her phone is not charging. She had come in the previous day with the same issue, and a representative had replaced her phone without troubleshooting her issue.)

Customer: “This phone is terrible! This is the second one and it still won’t charge! I want you to give me a new phone! There is no way I’m keeping this model.”

Me: “Alright, let me take a look and see what might be going on…”

(I troubleshoot the phone for about 15 minutes, but the phone seems to hold its charge just fine. I can see no other issues with the phone, battery, or charger.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the phone seems to be in perfect working condition.”

(She snatches the phone from my hands and grabs the charger cord off the desk, and attempts to plug it in.)

Customer: “See, this stupid cable doesn’t even fit! It’s useless!”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s not the charging port, that’s the memory card slot.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, it’s still a stupid phone!” *storms off*

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