Perpetual Unhappiness Is Not A Gift

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(A woman, who in retrospect is probably a scammer, comes up to me at returns. I’ve been working at this location for two years so far, but we recently got new management.)

Customer: “Hi. I bought a lotion here and I found it was used. I don’t want a refund or exchange; I just want a gift card.”

(How she knows this I don’t know because most of our bottles don’t have covers on top.)

Me: “Let me get my manager.”

(I run to the back and get the manager.)

Manager: “Ma’am, I’m just trying to understand why you want a gift card when I can just give you a return and you can buy a new product?”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll take a refund… but I also want a gift card because I am displeased with the service here.”

Manager: “I am sorry you are displeased with the service here, and while I will not question you on how you know the lotion was used, I can only offer you either a refund or exchange.”

Customer: “I want a refund and a $50 [Store] gift card. I’ve been to other [Stores], and when I’m not happy with customer service, the manager usually gives me a gift card of $25 to $50.”

(This IS true, BUT ONLY TRUE if you come across a rude employee who refuses to help you, not for a return. My manager refuses to budge, and the customer starts raising her voice.)

Customer: “This [Store] is gross! I HATE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE!”

(My manager gave her a $25 dollar gift card and a refund to get her out.)

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