‘Perks’ Of The Job

| Friendly | November 9, 2016

(I am studying abroad in Germany. The international students get to go on an organized trip to Munich’s Oktoberfest. I already bought a dirndl (Bavarian traditional dress for women), and one of the new friends I make prior to Oktoberfest wants to shop for one too. I accompany her to the store for traditional clothing. We look at the different dresses, and my friend picks out a few to try on. She exits the dressing room with each new dress to get some feedback. Each dirndl typically has a jumper, an apron, and a blouse. The blouses are designed so that they have a drawstring at the bosom that you pull tight to make the breasts look perkier. My friend is a rather modest individual, so she leaves the drawstring alone and comes out of the dressing room.)

Friend: “[My Name], what do you think?”

Me: “That looks great! The longer skirt looks great on you because you’re so tall!”

(In the meantime, the elderly female owner of the shop is monitoring the dressing rooms and helping the customers adjust the outfits properly. She takes a cursory glance at my friend and me, drops what she is doing and marches over to my friend.)

Owner: “You don’t have that tight enough!”

(Without even asking for permission, the lady digs her hands into my friend’s blouse, pulls out the drawstring, and yanks it tight. My friend and I are looking at each other, at a loss for words. The lady steps back and admires her handiwork.)

Owner: “There! Much better!”

(She then turns to help the next customer.)

Me: *after a short pause* “Wow. That was invasive. I am glad my dirndl fitting went NOTHING like that.”

Friend: “She didn’t even ask! I may be scarred.”

(Needless to say, my friend still bought the dress, the very same one the owner tampered with, and we left the shop. We made sure to warn our other friends to be wary if they decided to shop there!)

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