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Periodically Frustrated

| Romantic | April 4, 2014

(My boyfriend is in his mid-twenties, like me. He is also Muslim, which means that we absolutely cannot have sex when I am on my period. Two days earlier, I told him I am on my period. We are in bed cuddling when he starts fondling my a**.)

Me: “Baby, don’t do that. You’ll make me horny and we can’t have sex. It’s frustrating.”

Boyfriend: “We can have sex now.”

Me: “What? How was it bad to have sex two days ago, but it’s okay now?”

Boyfriend: “You’re okay now, right?”

Me: “… Honey, I’m still on my period.”

Boyfriend: “What?! For three days?”

Me: “Most women’s periods last between five and seven days! What did you think?”

Boyfriend: *embarrassed and very disappointed* “I thought just one…”

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