Perhaps You’re Overselling Your Strategy

, , , | Right | March 1, 2019

Unfortunately, our hotel was oversold. I get it; getting sent to another hotel sucks. I don’t begrudge people being angry about it, but there is a point where you’re just making it worse for yourself.

A guest was extremely upset about being walked. We always pay for the cost of the hotel room that we relocate them to, but I was trying to figure out something else for the guest because of the hassle.

I offered a certificate for a free night’s stay. I offered them a free dinner at our restaurant. I offered them a free gift basket with champagne and strawberries for the next night, when we would be able to get them a room. I offered all of the above at once.

Everything I offered, the guest responded to with, “Well, it’s not about the money,” but then he would start going on about how we were going to have to do a lot for him. So, in desperation, I finally told him that, if none of my ideas appealed, we would be happy to do whatever he wanted from us if he just told us what that was. His response?

“I want you to do whatever you normally do in this situation.”

Cue me tearing my hair out.

I get that the situation is frustrating and unexpected, and being angry about it is a given, but when someone literally tells you that they will get you whatever you like to try and mitigate it, stonewalling is just making it worse on yourself!

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