Perhaps They Go To Balamb School

| Related | June 19, 2013

(I’m going home on the bus with my sister. We drive past my school.)

Me: “Look, it’s my school!”

Sister: “You said that as if you were surprised it was there.”

Me: “Hey, don’t you think it would be really cool if buildings could move? Imagine that one day your school is in the middle of town, the next it’s down by the lake, and so on.”

Sister: “Yeah, but then how would you find it?”

Me: “There would be some sort of electronic chip on your school ID card, which you could use to localise the school. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Sister: “But what if you’re just arriving, and suddenly the school moves? You’d always be late for class.”

Me: “Maybe you could somehow reason with the building and talk it into moving only during the night.”

Sister: “But you still wouldn’t know what time to wake up to be on time. For all you know, the school could be at the other end of town!”

(I think for a moment.)

Me: “Actually, no, you’re right. It’s a stupid idea. The kind that people have late at night, when they’re drunk.”

Sister: “…except that it’s the afternoon, and you haven’t had a drink in your life.”

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