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Perhaps Management Is Not Their Calling

| Working | January 14, 2014

(It’s company policy that if you’re going to call out of a shift you have to call at least an hour before the time you were supposed to come in and inform a manager. I am scheduled for a 10 am shift; however, I get sick and call out.)

Coworker: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hey, [Coworker]. It’s me. I need to call out. What manager is there right now?”

Coworker: “Actually… no one. It’s weird. We have someone scheduled but no one showed. Let me get you my supervisor though.”

Me: “Huh. Okay, thanks.”

Supervisor: “Hey, [My Name]. Not feeling good?”

Me: “Not at all.”

Supervisor: “Okay, well, the manager’s not here yet. Can you call back at 8 am? They should be here by then and you’ll still be within your hour.”

(I wait to call back even though I am physically sick and exhausted.)

Me: “Hey. It’s me again. Did the manager make it in yet?”

Coworker: “Nope. We called him, but got nothing.”

Me: “Okay. I’ll try again in like half an hour.”

(Half an hour passes, but there is still nothing. By now I only have half an hour before I have to inform a manager. I call three more times and the manager is never there. Eventually I fall asleep. My phone rings at noon.)

Manager: “Where are you? You were supposed to work today. You’re two hours late!”

Me: “Boss, I called six times. [Coworker] and [Supervisor] can both tell you. I’m sick. I won’t be coming in.”

Manager: “You didn’t let me know at least an hour before your shift. You’ll have a write up tomorrow.”

Me: “Boss, what time did you get in?”

Manager: “Just now.”

Me: “So you came in at noon instead of seven. You were late, right?”

Manager: “Yeah.”

Me: “Then how was I supposed to tell you by nine am that I wasn’t coming in?”

Manager: “You could have called!”

(I still got the write up.)

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