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, , | Right | June 23, 2022

A lady asks for one pound of shaved ham. I take out all the ham we have left in the entire deli and shave as much as I can until the very end is left. It’s still not a pound, so I decide to hand-shred the remaining chunk. It comes to about nine-tenths of a pound, so I give it to her anyway because most people don’t pitch fits over this small of a difference.

This customer, however, gives me the stink eye as I hand her the ham and ask if she needs anything else.

Customer: “I asked for a pound.”

Me: “This is every speck of ham that we have here. I’m sorry it’s not perfect.”

Customer: “You couldn’t have gone in the back for more?”

Me: “I looked earlier and there’s no more of this brand. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Well then, tell me that!”

I tried to tell her that I did, but she was already walking away.

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