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Perfect Accidental Timing

, | Learning | August 12, 2013

(There are people looking around our school. We’re having a practical session in the science lab. I’m a little accident prone, and my teacher loves to make a joke of it.)

Student: “And you can see some of work we do.” *indicates posters* “That’s year seven, eight—”

Parent: “What’s that?” *reads a poster* “Twelve days since a… a [my name]-related incident? What’s a [my name]-related incident?”

(At this point, and at no fault of my own, my apparently defective beaker explodes on the tripod, throwing glass and boiling water across the bench and over me.)

Teacher: “That’s a [my name] incident. [Other student], reset the counter will you?”

(She checks I am okay, which I am, barring a small piece of glass in my hand. The group moves on, looking a little terrified.)

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