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We receive a call-in order.

Customer: “I want one of your medium pizzas.”

Me: “Yes, sir. What would you like on it? Or just cheese?”

Customer: “Pepperoni.”

Me: “All right, I have you down for a medium pepperoni pizza.”

Customer: “And cheese!”

Having had similar conversations like this before, and assuming incorrectly, I attempt to clarify.

Me: “A medium pizza with cheese and pepperoni. Did you want half cheese, half pepperoni, or a cheese pizza with pepperoni on the entire thing?”

Customer: “Is that how y’all do it?”

Me: “All of our pizzas automatically come with cheese. Did you want pepperoni on half of the pizza, or on the whole pizza?”

Customer: “You can put the pepperoni under the cheese or on top; it doesn’t matter to me.”

I am facepalming, so I try another tactic.

Me: “The medium pizza comes with six slices. Did you want all of them with pepperoni?”

The customer grumbles incoherently. Giving up, I push the order through — pepperoni and cheese on the whole pizza — and let the manager know about the conversation.

Me: “Your total is [amount]. It’ll be ready in about twenty minutes.”

He never picked it up.

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