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Pepperoni, Cheese, And Disproportionate Rage

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Unusual-Researcher70 | December 30, 2021

I’ve worked as a pizza delivery driver on and off for the past couple of years. I’m in my early twenties, so obviously, I’m still getting the hang of being in the workforce. But I’ve worked in this industry long enough to have at least a few campfire stories to share of the world’s pizza-ordering crazies. Here’s one of the worst.

It was a busy Friday night. It was only me and a couple of other drivers working. We had a few call out and one had just simply quit, so we were already running on a skeleton crew, and the deliveries just wouldn’t stop coming in. It was so busy that the managers had to clock us in and out on doubles and triples just to stop the “numbers from looking bad”. Even though we were all hauling a**, the orders were still arriving late; we were just that shorthanded that night. But we were doing our best.

I got a delivery to a suburb that is not that bad of a tipping spot; it has some of my town’s nicer residents in it. It’s even got a public park and a ballpark nearby. My town has less than 10,000 people in it, and it’s a southern town, so usually, people are pretty nice. I pulled up to the customer’s place and parked in their driveway. It was a credit card order with no tip. That’s fine by me; they usually leave cash or write one in if there’s no pre-tip.

I approached the door and it seemed they were having a party inside, based on all the vehicles lined around the block. I figured it would be a happy drunk tip or something. But the lady that came out had a different vibe from everyone else inside the house.


She approached me, snatched the receipt off of my delivery bag, and demanded that I hand her the food immediately. Her drunken husband appeared, as well, and backed his wife up by asking if the food was free. He didn’t seem aggressive, but he was not happy, either. At this point, my mouth was completely zipped. I usually greet all the customers and ask about their day, but obviously, there was no point here.

As I was opening the bag, the lady grabbed the bag from me and yanked it open. She jerked all her food out and handed it to her husband, right before SHOVING ME OFF HER PORCH and screaming in my face.


It took literally every bit of willpower in the universe not to physically retaliate against this woman. While my mother raised me to never even think of raising a finger to harm a woman, she never said I couldn’t defend myself. And had the lady continued on to actually physically harm me more, I would’ve done so. But it was just a light shove. And even though she was totally in the wrong, I took one for the team and just left. All without saying a word. At the time, I felt that was the right thing to do.

I got back to the store and laid out the entire story to my managers, and their response was to immediately call the police. Not a surprise. I didn’t think of doing it at the scene of the “crime” as I wasn’t actually hurt, but I feel like I could’ve done it if I’d wanted to. You shouldn’t assault people, period, let alone your delivery driver, just because your food was late.

The police said nothing would end up happening legal-wise, mostly because I left, and that I should’ve been the one to call, etc. I wasn’t too worried, though; I just wanted to be sure I didn’t ever have to deliver to that address again. Could you blame me? My manager made sure we blacklisted it and made it so they couldn’t even place a carryout order under the same name. Since then, we haven’t heard a thing. And ever since then, on busy nights, if I know an order is already late, I call the customer to inform them I’m coming. It takes a couple of extra minutes, but I’m sure it saves me from the potential assault.

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