Peppered With Un-bell-ievable Service, Part 2

| Ft. Collins, CO, USA | Working | June 6, 2013

Me: “Excuse me, but does this steak skewer have peppers on it? Because it sounds good, but I can’t eat peppers.”

Waiter: “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Me: “Okay, it’s just that a lot of pre-made skewers include peppers, and it says the potatoes have peppers.”

Waiter: “We can make the potatoes without peppers, if you want.”

Me: “That would be great, but I also don’t want the beef cooked with peppers. No peppers on the plate at all, okay? If the skewers already have peppers, tell me so I can order something else.”

(When the food comes out an hour later, the skewers are full of beef and bell peppers. I smell them before the dish is set on the table.)

Me: “Are those peppers?!”

Waiter: “Uh… I guess so?”

Me: “Did you ASK about the peppers at any point before they started cooking this?”

Waiter: “No. Are you allergic?”

Me: “No, repeatedly asking about specific ingredients at restaurants is just a fun game I play. Of course I’m allergic.”

Waiter: “Oh. I can switch it out for something else.”

Me: “Yes. Please. Anything. Anything that doesn’t have peppers and is fast. I’m really hungry.”

(It was another forty minutes before something edible made it to my table. And the food was cold. I never went back.)


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