Pepper A Little Sarcasm Into Your Meal

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My father can be a bit aloof and is not always the best at anticipating other people’s wants or needs, and this story is one of many small examples. My siblings and I are pretty used to it, but it drives my wife bonkers even if she doesn’t always show it.

We’re at my parents for the holidays with my siblings and some extended family and have gathered for a meal.

Mother: “[Father], can you pass the pepper?”

Father: “Oh, I don’t like pepper on [dish], so I didn’t bring it out.”

My wife rolls her eyes and mutters sarcastically under her breath.

Wife: “No problem; there are only eight other people at this table who might want pepper.”

My mother goes and gets the pepper from the kitchen and the meal goes on.

Father: “[Wife], would you pass the [side dish]?”

Wife: *Deadpan* “Well, I don’t like [side dish], so I don’t think I will.” 

The rest of the table burst out laughing, and [Wife] got a high-five from my mother. My father had the decency to look a little sheepish. And don’t worry, my wife and father actually get along great, and it’s fun to see her call him out once in a while.

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