People Would Do Anything For A Free T-Shirt

, , , | Right | January 27, 2019

(Our small, locally well-known store recently introduced optional “uniforms,” a t-shirt with the store’s name and logo printed on the front and back. This is one of my first shifts cashiering since they were handed out, and I’m wearing my shirt.)

Customer: “Oh, cool, you guys have t-shirts now!”

Me: “Yep! I guess the manager got sick of customers thinking we were fellow shoppers when we were out in the aisles.” *laughs*

Customer: “Haha, yeah. So, where can I get one?”

Me: “Oh, the shirts aren’t for sale. They’re for employees to wear while working.”

Customer: “But I want one.”

Me: “I mean, you could put in an application and get hired here, I guess?”

Customer: “Why would I work HERE? I have a job already!”

Me: *still trying to be friendly* “Guess you’re out of luck, then. Anyway, your total is [total]. Anything else for you today?”

Customer: “I’ll give you twenty bucks for your shirt.”

Me: “No. That’s [total]. Go ahead and slide your card and follow the prompts.”

(Thankfully, he left without further comment about wanting the literal shirt off my back.)

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