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People Who Are Witchy Make That Guy Twitchy

, , , | Working | November 19, 2021

My local parcel dropoff point is within a vape store. It’s got dark vibes — think demonic theme name and aesthetics. I’m pretty into the alternative fashion scene — sort of gothic. I’m wearing a face mask that has a cute demon face on it with a pentagram and a black dress when I go in to return some parcels.

There’s another customer there who’s in normal clothes and he acknowledges me. He then double-takes and hurries through the rest of his transaction, leaving promptly. [Clerk #1] serving him goes to the back door and continues talking to him. [Clerk #2] — who has pentagram tattoos — comes out from the back.

Clerk #2: “Sorry about that.”

Me: “What even was that?”

Clerk #2: *Hesitates* “He doesn’t like dark stuff. He avoids me, too… like he thinks I’ll hex him.”

Me: “You have ‘Hail Satan’ on your shop wall and references to demons and such, and you literally have pentagrams on your bags, but I in my little black dress and demon pentagram mask am… what? Too witchy?”

Clerk #2: “Yeah. Basically. We’re both too witchy for him.”

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