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People Still Use Directory Inquiries In The Digit-al Age

, , , , , | Right | September 29, 2022

Content Warning: Injury


I work in directory inquiries.

Caller: “I need the number for a local pharmacy.”

Me: “I’ll just get that for you.”

Caller: “Please hurry. I managed to lose a couple of fingers and there’s quite a lot of blood.”

Me: “Ma’am! Hang up right now and dial 911!”

Caller: “Do you know how long it took to call you with three fingers?! I’m not redialing!”

Me: “Ma’am, I thoroughly recommend that you—”

Caller: “Oh, wait, I’ve just recounted. I only lost the one finger; I still have four! I guess I can dial 911 after all.” *Click*

I have never wanted and also not wanted to have more context ever before or since.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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