These People Are Still Allowed To Buy Guns

, , , | Right | November 25, 2017

Customer: “Aye, man, you ever heard of that new gun called the [Gun]? It’s like a .380.”

Me: “Negative. Who makes it?”

Customer: “Uh, those guys.” *pointing to a [Brand] gun*

Me: “A [Brand] [Gun]? Negative. Why do you ask?”

Customer: “Ah, you know, man, I read online that it had all types of technological issues.”

Me: “Really? Like what?”

Customer: “I read that the gun goes off without any bullets in it.”

Me: “Let me clarify; the gun has no ammunition in it, and no round chambered?”

Customer: “Yeah, man, and it still goes off.”

Me: *walks away*

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