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People Like This Are Going To Get Arrested Eventually

, , , , | Right | August 24, 2021

I’m a manager at a fast food restaurant. It is Australia Day, which is a public holiday, and because we are located near a river and it’s a really hot day, it is super busy. The front counter is full of people wanting to be served. Every register is opened and another person and I are running the orders. The store manager is helping the drive-thru team and the front as well. People are moving and the wait isn’t that long.

A mother walks in with a young boy, sees the line, and whispers something to him. The boy goes up and starts asking people in line to let him in as he only wants a drink; however, no one budges. Everyone tells him to get to the back of the line.

While he is asking the person at the front of the line, the mother pushes past to the front right as another family gets their meal. Acting like we haven’t noticed her scheme, we politely tell her:

Me: “Please go to the back of the line, as this customer was next.”

Customer: “This is a joke. I’ve been waiting for over an hour. Hurry up and take my order!”

Me: “No, you haven’t. You have been here for five minutes trying to get your son to help push in. Back of the line.”

Customer: “Why I never! This is disgraceful! I demand the manager! This is an outrage!”

Me: “I am a manager. Back. Of. The. Line. Or leave.”

Customer: “No! I want the store manager! I have been waiting for two hours! I’m not waiting no more!”

The store manager, who has been keeping his eye out the whole time, steps in.

Store Manager: “I don’t need customers like you. Get out!”

Customer: “This is no way to treat a customer! You will all go broke; everyone, look at how badly they treat us!”

She starts waving her arms around like she’s talking to the line.

Customer: “We will all leave! Everyone out!”

Meanwhile, no one is moving and there are a few snickers in the crowd. Without getting the required reaction from people, she takes a swing at the store manager!

Store Manager: “[My Name], [code for calling the police].”

I’m on it.

Store Manager: “I suggest you leave right now.”

Customer: “Not without my food!”

The customer then proceeded to snatch a bag of food from another family, run to the door, and kick it. Hard.

It shattered.

The whole place went quiet in shock. The woman ran out with her son chasing behind her. They seemed to run off down the road so I couldn’t get a car plate. Luckily, we have two entry points, so we closed that one, boarded it up with cardboard for now, and cleaned the glass.

The police arrived fifteen minutes later and we explained what had happened, but without anything else besides camera footage, there was not much they could do.

However, a couple of weeks later, at the shopping centre close by, there was an incident involving a lady walking out without paying for her groceries because the shop apparently “owed” them for poor service. The police picked her up and it was the lady we’d dealt with. She was fined a lot of money and had to serve out community service cleaning rubbish on the side of the road.

I know this because I saw her while driving to and from work for a few weeks!