People Like Her Designed The Boat In The First Place

| USA | Learning | May 16, 2017

(It is the last day of school and so our teacher decides to put on Titanic. One of our classmates is kind of a ditz, and she’s not exactly all that… aware of it.)

Movie: *rolls credits*

Ditz: “Man, I can’t believe that the ship sank and the people filming it didn’t even try to help.”

(Cue everyone in the class either looking at her in bewilderment, face-palming, or simply head banging against the desk.)

Ditz: “What? It’s true! They didn’t even try to help!”

Teacher: “Uh, I think you need to relearn what ‘live-action’ means.”

(Worst part? She said she wants to major in Performing Arts in college. You have a long way to go, girl.)

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