Some People Don’t Come To Work To Work

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I have four managers in my store. One manager, [Manager #1], is really lazy and assigns herself the job of operations. Operations’ main job is to assign breaks and keep associates busy, but she somehow makes that into an eight-hour job. My other managers — with whom I’m friends, since I’ve been working there for a while — dislike her. They decide to enact a little revenge.

One of the managers I’m friends with, [Manager #2], buys some candy and goes into the back room for some simple sorting that shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes. I’m already back there sorting, as well, and [Manager #2] and I start talking and stop doing work. Another manager, [Manager #3], comes in later and joins us. It is a slow day, so we aren’t too worried.

[Manager #4] has been assigned to a different location for the day, which leaves [Manager #1] to actually work. She gets all huffy, since she has to manage all of three associates on a slow, rainy day, but the candy is great! When we come out of the back room, a customer comes up and complains about [Manager #1], and we gladly give her the customer service number.

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