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Pee-ple Are The Worst

| Right | July 27, 2017

(I work as the late teacher at a daycare, meaning I am the last one to leave. It is Halloween and most of the kids are picked up early to avoid traffic due to some of the roads being closed around the daycare for trick-or-treating. All the other teachers got to leave about 30 minutes early, but of course I have one late kid. Finally the kid gets picked up and I’m actually going to get to leave about five minutes early. As I am walking out the card access-only door, a woman and child rush in.)

Woman: “He needs to go to the bathroom!”

Me: “Um, sorry, we don’t—”

Woman: *cuts me off and rushes through the door before I can close it* “It’s okay, he knows where it is!”

Me: *now to no one* “—have public bathrooms.”

(I ended up having to wait an extra ten minutes to make sure they did not get into anything in the daycare.)

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