Peanut Bitter

, | Right | April 14, 2017

(I work for a small chocolate shop that has a big table full of assorted truffle flavors where customers can make their own mixed bag. Recently, a new rule was passed so that we have to keep the peanut butter truffles behind the counter, so that people who are allergic don’t accidentally add them to their bag. We have a sign on the table that has a picture of a peanut butter truffle, and big words telling people to ask an associate for peanut butter. Still, people tend to miss the sign, so before they check out I usually ask if they wanted peanut butter added to their bag.)

Woman: *checking out* “I should have enough there.”

Me: “Yep, it looks like you’ve reached a pound. Before I seal the bag, do you want me to add any peanut butter truffles to your assortment?”

Woman: “I already got peanut butter.”

Me: “Actually we keep them back here, so you wouldn’t have gotten any yet.”

Woman: *pointing to the sign on the table, which happens to be right next to the bin of citrus flavored truffles* “I already got some right there!”

Me: “Oh. No, those ones are citrus. The sign is just there to—”

Woman: “Look, I already got peanut butter! They’re my favorite ones, I know what they look like, and I already GOT them!”

Me: “Very well…”


Me: “Okay, then, your total today is $15.35…”

(I wish I could have been there when she popped the first “peanut butter” citrus truffle into her mouth when she got home.)

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