Paying Lip Service

, , | Friendly | April 16, 2015

(I am very young, and part of a karate dojo that has students from age 10 to about 60. Because I hate lip balm my lip will often split at the slightest provocation, causing this conversation to happen more than once:)

Older Student: *throws a punch* “Oh, my God! I’m so sorry!”

Me: “What? What’s wrong?”

Older Student: *looking pleadingly at Sensei* “I barely touched her, I swear! I’m so sorry!”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Sensei: “Come here, [My Name].” *sighs* “Your lip is bleeding again. Go clean yourself up.”

Me: “But Sensei, I’m used to it! It doesn’t hurt. I can still fight!”

Sensei: “Yeah, and bleed all over my dojo! You can fight after you clean up. [Older Student], you did nothing wrong.”

Older Student: *still distraught* “She’s just so TINY, and she was bleeding, and…”

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