Paying It Forward One Sip At A Time

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(I am eight years old. I go to a fast food restaurant to get a children’s meal after school. I collect my meal and walk to the table, but unfortunately, I trip on my feet and the drink falls on the floor, spilling everywhere.)

Me: “Excuse me, miss, but my drink fell on the floor. Is it possible to get a new one?”

Clerk: “Sorry, you can only get a new one if you pay for it. We can’t give you another drink for a mistake you made.”

(I walk back to the table sadly, because I don’t have any money — I had saved for a while to even get the children’s meal. A couple of minutes later, an older man walks to me and gives me a new drink he has bought. I thank him for his gesture, and he says to me:)

Man: “Remember this gesture so that, one day, when you have the chance and you see someone who needs help, you, too, can help them, and make a small gesture to make someone as happy as I made you today.”

(After 15 years, I still remember and help others when needed. If it’s opening a door, helping to carry groceries for someone, or just paying a little bit when someone has too little cash on them for bus fare, a little gesture from one person can make a big difference for the one needing it.)

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