Paying It Forward Is Auto

, , | Hopeless | September 25, 2016

I am unemployed and have to do a car repair. I am forced to use my tax refund from the previous year’s return to pay for it.

I go to pay for the bill, and get told from the shop manager that I owe nothing and to have a nice day!

After looking at him for a moment of sheer panic of being punked, I realize he’s serious!

Seems that someone had paid for the nearly $500 of work, asking only that I pay it forward as I can, even if it’s just with my time. I could never get the name of the angel who paid for my car repair, though I’ve done what I can with what I do have, including paying it forward as much as I can, even if it’s just spending my time for a cause or with someone who needs me.

That act restored my faith in people doing for others and not wanting anything back! I try to do that when I can as well; it’s additive as it’s uplifting when you can do it!

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