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Paying Forward The Positive Karma

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I’m working the register at a craft store when an older man and his daughter walk up. He only has a credit card to pay for the one item they’re getting, and unfortunately, it’s a company our store does not accept. He and his daughter leave, disappointed, when the woman behind him does this.

Woman: “How much was his total?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, $4.89.”

Woman: *Turns to her son* “Hurry and go grab him before he leaves.”

The act was so unexpected, I started to tear up as I finished the transaction. The man returned with his daughter, and the woman handed him his item. He looked so perplexed at first, and then he realized what had happened and was extremely thankful.

It turns out she was paying it forward from when an older couple had unexpectedly paid for her meal at a nearby restaurant and left before she had the chance to thank them!

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