Pay It Forward Is Coming

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In New Zealand, we have “pay it forward” initiatives where you can ask for help with pretty much anything except asking for straight money. The idea is that for every instance you accept a gift, you try to gift something or several somethings yourself, even if it’s just time cleaning a yard up or cleaning a house.

A friend of mine and her partner have had it really rough recently but refused to ask for help; for three weeks they were homeless, and she’s eight months pregnant. When they got a house, they found out that the only heating available was a fireplace — we’re heading into winter in New Zealand. So, when firewood was on offer on the pay-it-forward page, I asked to be considered on their behalf. My ask was accepted and we went to pick up the wood.

The lovely lady who was gifting the wood floored us all with her generosity, telling us to take as much as we wanted because it all had to go. We filled my van twice and still have to go back tomorrow to do more. But before we called it a night, this wonderful woman also gifted both my friend and me a package each of vegan, cruelty-free baby soap!

If you’re reading this, know that your generosity and genuine care for others has stunned us and that you have made the prospect of winter for two wonderful people who fell on hard times not only bearable but pleasant.

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