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Pay It Forward Is Ballooning

, , | Hopeless | August 30, 2016

(I have been hired to make and sell balloon animals outside a newly opened grocery store. A young boy who looks about four years old approaches me.)

Boy: “I want a giraffe!”

Me: “Balloon animals are $2 each.”

Boy: “I don’t have money.”

Me: “Sorry, but you need to pay.”

(The boy waits beside me for his mother to finish paying for her groceries. The boy’s mother calls him over and they both walk out of sight. An older man walks up to me.)

Me: “Hello, sir.”

(He appears to be looking for something.)

Me: “Would you like a balloon animal?”

Man: “Oh… no, thanks. I was going to get one for that kid but I don’t see him anywhere.”

Me: “I think they left but that’s very nice of you.”

Man: “I still want to help someone out. Here…” *hands me a $50 bill* “If that happens again just give them a balloon for free.”

(The old man walked off before I had a chance to thank him. More kids bought balloon animals that day and paid for them but it was still nice knowing that I wouldn’t leave anyone disappointed.)

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